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Jiangsu Ruige Artificial Turf Co., Ltd., located in the historical and cultural city of Yangzhou, south of the Yangtze River Golden Waterway, Nanjing Expressway, north by Ningqi Railway, from Yangzhou Port is only 20km, from Nanjing New Harbor and Longtan Port is only 50 Km, water and land transportation is very convenient. The first phase of the project has 30 million yuan in fixed assets, covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, 110 workers, including high, intermediate professional 46 people. Companies adhere to a high starting point, the principle of high quality, and actively introduce advanced foreign equipment and technology, currently has the same industry manufacturing the most advanced production lines, the largest width of 5 meters.

Roof artificial turf

Roof artificial turf

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Garden artificial turf

Garden artificial...

Garden artificial turf is a green low-carbo

Courtyard artificial turf

Courtyard artific...

Courtyard artificial turf from olive green

Gardening artificial lawn

Gardening artific...

Artificial turf Artificial turf for gardeni

Balcony artificial turf

Balcony artificia...

Balcony artificial turf is the most suitabl

Landscape artificial turf

Landscape artific...

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Golf course artificial turf

Golf course artif...

Golf course artificial turf by the high den

Decorated artificial turf

Decorated artific...

Decorative lawn - dotted green life with hi